Tips & Tricks

Enjoy and safe travels from The entire Majestic Caravans team.


The following pages contain an overview of tips, tricks and maintenance required on a new Majestic Caravan and will ensure you safe travelling.

Welcome to the Majestic Family

Majestic Caravans are pleased you chose us for your future caravanning travels and know you will love your new caravan.

New Caravans are unlike purchasing a motorcar where construction of a motorcar is robotised and computerised.

Our industry is more closely related to the building industry reliant on jigs and man made craftsmanship.

Keeping this in mind the interior and exterior can have minor blemishes.

Majestic Caravans alike all manufactures do try to minimize any blemishes however there will always be the opportunity for them to exist.

Caravans, all Caravans twist and move, different temperature’s and climate may also cause seals to lift and then leak, BE AWARE of this and always check your Caravans for any seal or joint damage.

You MUST maintain your Caravan on a regular basis, checking all seals and joins for any silicon lifting or silicon movement. DO NOT EVER wash your caravan and or joins and seals with a high pressure cleaner or washer, this may result in lifting silicon seals and cause your Caravan to leak which in turn will nullify your warranty.

Please enjoy your new caravan.

Your new Majestic is a house on wheels with amazing luxury features that you should test and check operation once you have had your delivery.

Ensure you are completely comfortable with light operation, gas and cooking along with Fridge operation.

Fridge Tips

Your new Majestic caravan is fitted generally with the Thetford automatic fridge (3 way) Whilst under tow your fridge will run on 12vlt from your vehicle. 240 should be used whilst at a powered site and Gas in free camp situations.

Lighting Tips

One master switch (Black) Black to remain in use, turning off wont isolate fridge.

Plumbing Tips

At rear of van at quick fill connection (offside at wheels) valve can be turned to fill tanks for free camping or the alternate way to run on mains. When running on main pressure please turn off your water pump switch located in the power board over head cupboard. Water filter should be replaced yearly.

Electrical Tips

Ensure your car is wired by a fully qualified auto electrician and provide the with Majestics wiring diagram. Our preffered supplier is Nick from Lakes Auto Electrics, please call us for bookings. Melbourne clients call Nth Geelong Auto Electrics P: (03) 52789700

Park your van, ensure brake is on and insert jockey wheel! Remove from car.

Use your drop down legs with tool provided to secure van.

Turn on black power switch 12vlt & 240.

Plug mains pressure onto tap behing rear offside wheels ensure not turned on only required when filling tanks.

Ensure level as possible for fridge to reach optimum operation.

Plug into power, pull out awning (don’t open door until out-you will tear awning skin)


Struggling to get your Fridge on gas?

Try bleeding gas lines by lighting your stove first. This will allow air locks to escape.

No tv signal?

Generally if in a good area check your booster at antenna ensure green lights on, if still no signal fuses in overhead cupboard will require assessing.

Tank guages not reading accurately?

Senders sit in the water in your tanks and can corrode after time, replace senders and off you go generally only $39ea at your local bunnings store.
Did you know you cant remove your toilet cassette unless flap is closed on toilet?

Breakaway battery has a test light always check it has charge and it will charge via your vehicle.

Washing your van with wash and wax is the best to keep it looking great! Composite vans love a little polish.

Cupboards and trims can be cleaned free of marks with methylated spirits.

Ibis air have drainage points that are not covered hence rodents can block drainage, ensure inspection regularly especially when in outback regions.

  • Drain water tanks before storing your van & ensure toilet cartridge is empty.
  • Ensure the black switch is in off position and plug to 240v when storing.
  • Batteries like to be used, access your van once a month use your 12 volt as much as possible without being plugged in and in the sun. After two hours return to 240 power.
  • Cable tie all plugs together to save dragging if one comes loose.
  • Turn water pump off when plugged onto mains pressure.
  • Please do not use awning in windy conditions.
  • Check your wheel nuts prior to any travel including spare.
  • Check driving lights, trailer plug can get loose connections.
  • Ensure front window is locked and screwed into travel position.
  • Check all cupboards and lock correctly.
  • Protect window surrounds with rubber protecting products.
  • Test breakaway system regularly and ensure maintaining charge.
  • Ensure awning in your first couple of outings is erected by two people.

Maintence of your battery is important and replacements are expensive so it is preffered that you remove earth to stop leakage whilst not in use.

Ensure all 12vlt switches are turned off and is plugged into 240 (home) to keep charged batteries.

You may require an Amphibian or a 15 amp socket installed at home.

If your battery goes flat and calcifies it is not under warranty as maintenance wasn’t carried out.

Batteries carry a 6 month warranty although determined by supplier.

Trailer Plug Pin No.DescriptionCable colourCableCable Nominal CSA (mm2)
1Left Hand IndicatorYellowECA31.13
2Aux/Reverse Signal   
3Earth ReturnWhiteECA41.85
4Right Hand IndicatorGreenECA31.13
5Service BrakesBlueECA41.85
6Stop LightsRedECA31.13
7Clearance/Marker LightsBrownECA31.13
8Fridge Brake-safe ChargingRED
9Brake-safe RemotePurpleECA41.85
10Earth ReturnBlack 10
12Dometic AES Sensing wire (If Applicable)PinkECA41.85

Grey Anderson Plug: Charging of caravan Battery 6mm2
Red Anderson Plug: Alko Electronic Stability Control 6mm2
Notes: Fuse at A frame: Protects 1.85mm2 cable (Pin 8) for brake-safe charging. (10 amp)

Our suppliers for appliances do cover the warranty on their products, we cover the caravan.

Some handy phone numbers for you to call.

  • Fridges and ovens post 2016 supplied by Thetford: (03) 9358 0700
  • Airconditioners by Ibis (Dometic): (08) 8345 8444
  • Wiring all completed by Ces (Caravan Electrical Solutions): (03) 9303 7033
  • Plumbing by Plenty River: (03) 9357 5808
  • Aussie Traveller (door/windows/awning) (07) 3284 3284
  • Swift appliance group (cooking & hot water): (03) 9359 3068
  • Finscan (02) 9432 7854

The Majestic warranty process is quite simple and available throughout Australia with services offered by the vast majority of repairers Australia wide.

Please ensure you have read your manual thoroughly any queries just call either of our outlets.

Please “do not pay for work without approval from Majestic Caravans”

Repairer to email quote (prior to any work commenced) to or alternatively email us to schedule assessment at one of our outlets.

The Supplier Details section (above) will assist you with contacts for plumbing, electrical contact numbers.

Please ensure you keep service schedule & maintenance up to date.

Aluminium profile and composite Majestic Caravans are best washed with a wash and wax with a very soft broom, avoid the windows as you can scratch them very easily. Dry with a chamois and clean windows with windex and a soft cloth.

Internally some metholated spirits works well on majority of areas.

Once a year a polish doesn’t go astray especially on the flat composite panels.

Do a silicone check periodically (3 months) ensure no gaps are visible and if so fill accordingly.

Store under a covered area or caravan cover, if under a cover silicone must be checked regularly.

Accessories are generally available from camec or coast to coast both companies having retail outlets in most states.

Plumbing items available from most Bunnings stores.

Lighting supplied by Nikpol (Brisbane Virginia) public welcome.

Available by order through our factory outlets as well.

Windows/ door and awning by Aussie Traveller.

Gas struts and door latches call a factory outlet.

Parts used prior to 2010 may have become discontinued.

  • Wind antenna down
  • Check all cupboards, latches, shower latch and ensuite floor lock
  • Windows (Aussie Traveller) pulled to second lock position.
  • Fridge is in Automode.
  • TV removed and stowed.
  • Recommended to remove shower head and place in bucket and towel.
  • Roof vents, front window cover locked in place and tighten screws.
  • Turn off gas bottles.
  • Lock picnic table and external lockers etc.
  • Awning locked, remove chocks, stow step, and corner jacks.
  • Once van connected to car remove jockey wheel, apply chains & plugs and handbrake removed from lock.